Courtney is my human.


Clearly she understands nothing about me.

I tolerate her for three reasons:

1. She knows where food can be found and how to obtain it. There is this squeaky noise that means she is opening the shiny, roll-y objects that contain deliciousness. I must find out how she does this.

2. She finds everything about me to be magnificent, which is true. She smiles when I clean myself, coos when I stretch, pets me when I curl up for a nap. It’s so easy to please with the simplest things.

3. She saved me from the tiny cage in the room full of strange animals. My earliest memory is of outdoor freedom. It was entertaining to hunt down smaller, inferior creatures, but I was often cold, wet, and hungry. Somehow a strange human caught me by surprise and captured me one day. He put me in the tiny cage, which I despised, until Courtney appeared and heard my distress call. She took me to a new place where I could roam free and be the top cat once again. My outdoor privileges are limited unnecessarily, but I have accepted this.

Nelly the Cat

Nelly the Cat

Meow and welcome to my blog!

I am Nelly. I am black and sleek and powerful, thank you very much. I enjoy lounging, napping, ham, stealing milk from my humans, watching birds out the window, scratching things, and running as fast as I can from one side of my house to the other. This is where I will share my adventurous (sometimes torturous – thanks humans) and superior life with you.