Some time ago, my humans decided to separate from me for many days. Rather than leaving me bored at home like they usually do, they arranged for me to have a luxurious vacation of my own at Whiskers.

*         *         *

   I felt the stress in the air that meant the humans were leaving soon. I tried to hide from them so that they would not force me into the shakey-jolty-rolly transportation machine. I did not succeed.


Later we arrived at a place with unfamiliar smells. I was deposited into my own enclosed space with my blanket and one of my toys. I could hear Courtney’s voice but I could no longer see her. She came to my room later. I suffered through her squeezing me, she spoke unintelligible human language to me, and then she was

I did not trust this place, but Courtney approved of it, so I decided I would give it a chance. She would be back for me eventually.

best plaything

   That evening I was given a rare delicacy: fresh chicken, pureed just for me. I decided Courtney was right after that. This was a good place.


I spent the following days lounging around my tower and spying out of my high box. There were shelves for jumping and plenty of pets. I was given regular play and explore time. I even got to enjoy an old favorite activity – birdstalking. The sadness I normally felt when my humans left for long times did not come. In fact, I was a little sad to go home when they finally came back for me.


   To all my homies out there, demand that your humans arrange for a visit to Whisker’s Cat Boarding. This was a typical day for me:


Nelly the Cat